Legal Status
Private estate
Mukono District Nakisunga Sub County
Coordinates 0 12' 30.42" N 32 49' 34.38" E
Registered Groups Estate

Bunjakko Island
Ezra Lugya

Tel.: 0772406449

Bunjakko Island
Business Manager
Kasaija John

Tel.: 0773919916

Bulansuku Estates Limited is located in Nakisunga Subcounty, Kisoko Village, in an area covering 150 acres of land.
It is a mixed farming enterprise incorporated in 2006 which evolved from Bulansuku Farm a registered but unincorporated farming business started in 1999. The estate has been in operation for 9 years, and was founded by Mr. G. Lule and also directed by Mr. Ezra Lugya. The Team plays a huge role in financing, strategic planning, business affairs and corporate affairs of the estate. Workforce is composed by 16 permanent workers and over 30 temporary workers who alternate during the seasons of crop harvest and planting.
To-date Bulansuku grows a variety of crops, fruits and vegetables, and is continuing to expand to produce not only for the local market but also for export. These include, pineapples, horticultural crops, avocado, mangoes and bananas, including coffee grown on a larger commercial scale. Coffee is the main source of the estates' income, where wet processing and premium quality dry processed coffee are produced.
The Estate manages a coffee nursery in collaboration with Zibull'attudde coffee farmers association. The nursery has been a good boost in helping farmers curb the coffee wilt destruction of trees, and also to help in increasing coffee production.
The estates has several livestock on farm which include but not limited to; piggery, poultry (layers) and cattle, these enhance on the organic matter production on-farm to increase sustainability of the farm soils, and deter dependence on inorganic fertilizers.
The estates works hand in hand with a local coffee shop (1000 Cups) to promote not only local coffee consumption but also offer the coffee champions, who plant themselves a coffee tree and later as the years go by can receive coffees from their trees if they left their addresses behind. This programme is called the Coffee Safari.
The estate offers advisory and training doubling as a farm field school and satellite farm to farmers in the neighborhood to enable farmers increase coffee production and eradicate poverty.

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