Bunjakko Island

Legal Status
Coffee Farmers Association
Mpigi District Bunjakko S/County
Bunjakko Island
Coordinates 0 0'28.38" N 3214'50.83" E
Registered Groups 12

Bunjakko Island
Luboyera Ben

Tel.: 0753833264 - 0776833264

Bunjakko Island
Business Manager
Namatovu Rose

Tel.: 0777662228 - 0782536517

Bunjakko CFA was formed in 2008, and later registered by the Registrar of Companies in 2009. Since it's a newly formed association its membership is still at a minimal, in that it has only 11 groups but still expanding in growth.
Bunjakko CFA is at one point very unique in such a way that, the coffee here is 100% organic, though not certified, the soils in this region are rich in nutrients, a low prevalence of pests and diseases easily managed with local and traditional herbs. The quality of the coffee is excellent where by the grades are excellent because the coffee is grown largely under forest cover of shade, giving the beans an extra time to mature, and attain intrinsic characteristics that cannot be found anywhere in the country. Bunjakko CFA through the support of DANIDA -ASPS through NUCAFE have acquired and established a self-sustaining coffee capable of producing One Hundred thousand (100000) coffee seedlings per year or more. Seedlings are marketed to members of the association at reduced prices to drive an increase on the quantity of coffee in the association and also on the quality of the beans that are produced by the members. Shade tree seedlings are supplied cost-free to whoever has purchased coffee seedlings in order to boost shade grown coffee, and also to increase soil fertility and nutrient recycling with minimum use of artificial fertilizers.
The Gender Equality Program has boosted family income to great heights in Bunjakko; in particular, over eight (8) households have managed to purchase themselves motorcycles that aid in transportation and mobilization of farmers during trainings.

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