Legal Status
Coffee Farmers Association
Masaka District Buwunga S/County
Coordinates 0 22' 22" S 31 47' 35" E
Registered Groups 16

Buwunga chairman
Waswa Batte

Tel.: 0772614010

Buwunga Business Manager
Business Manager
Kakooza Hassan

Tel.: 0752696991

The Association is located in Masaka district, 2 Km from Masaka town, just below Bwala Hill covering the whole of Buwunga Sub County. The location of the association puts it in a precarious situation, the soils are rocky, and others are highly sandy, making the soils really unfavorable for agricultural production, despite these challenges the farmers in this area have tamed the soils, through the use of organic manures and good agricultural practices. It was the chairman Mr. Waswa Batte who had the idea of promoting Buwunga CFA, as he overheard a conversation about a union of coffee farmers while he was travelling on a minibus directed to Kampala. He got information from fellow travelers, gathered the farmers, all of them met NUCAFE's executive director and successfully started the association.

Due to high water loses as a result of low water retention capacity of the soils, Buwunga CFA manages an ongoing program to train farmers to practice water harvesting and water conservation practices. A replanting program with two coffee nurseries is intended to reinstate the area among the most important producers in the district. In addition, the gender equality program by NUCAFE appears to have worked extremely well in the improvement of the livelihoods of coffee farm families, with more and more women going with their men during the bulking of coffee.

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