Legal Status
Coffee Farmers Association
Masaka District Kabonera S/County
Coordinates 030'28"S 3133'55"E
Registered Groups 24

Kabonera chairman
Luyombo Muluya Phillip

Tel.: 0772893019

Kabonera Business Manager
Business Manager
Kakooza Hassan
Walugembe Ddungu

Tel.: 0752696991 - 0782097200

The Kabonera CFA is located in Masaka district, 12 Km from Masaka town, covering the whole of Kabonera Sub County, 2 km off Masaka - Kyotera Road Immediately after the inception of NUCAFE, in 1992, there was a huge drive of mobilization and sensitization of farmers all over the country. In the central region, where Kabonera is located, the action of promotion was brought forward by a prominent farmer, Mr. Livingstone Mpiimbe of Kibinge Coop. He went to Kabonera, trained farmers and encouraged the former chairman, Mr. Francis Gganya, to stand for the position of chairperson of the association, wishing that he could later stand for the position on the Board of Directors of NUCAFE, as it later happened.
The association has been very active in providing a microcredit solution to the cash strapped farmers, setting up a village bank already in the 90s. This has brought many benefits in terms of reduction of the recourse to middlemen, increase in the numbers of children attending school, improved housing and clothing of the farmers. The registration with NAADS (an ongoing government program to support organized farmers) has brought support in terms of equipment and inputs such as tarpaulins, fertilizers, and farm tools that aid the farmers in managing gardens and improve yield and quality of the coffee. The NUCAFE gender equality program is about to start and people are excited to get the results that other associations already got.

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Kabonera Robusta Screen 15
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Kabonera Robusta Screen 18

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