Legal Status
Masaka District Kibinge S/County
Coordinates 0 18' 45.46" S 31 41' 13.53" E
Registered Groups 49

Kibinge chairman
Kibonde Davis

Tel.: 0782354639

Kibinge Business Manager
Business Manager
Lukwata David
Lubega Charles

Tel.: 0752837382 - 0782628438

Kibinge Coffee Farmers Cooperative (Kibinge Coop) a farmer owned organization with 2001 members who are all coffee farmers. The Cooperative is located central region of the country, in Masaka District, Bukomansibi County, about 150Kms from Kampala city on the way to Mbarara, 5 Km off Mbarara-Masaka Highway, covering the whole of Kibinge Sub County, a Peri - Urban area. The sub-county lies west of the highway giving it a unique characteristic in terms of weather. Its rains and crop yield usually arrive earlier than those of east of the highway.
Farmers are organized into quality producer groups and each group has one farmer promoter from whose criteria of choice for the position is based on his/her performance, capability to implement new farming techniques and his interpersonal skills. Under this project, there are 12 groups comprising 35 farmers to attain the 450 farmers that are being targeted for Utz Certified.
The cooperative project has a project committee that is composed of the Chairman of the cooperative, treasurer, secretary, Secretary for women, Secretary for Youth, Quality and Marketing Officer and committee members. The coordinator and the field officers carry out day-to-day operations and attend monthly meetings, which will review and plan the project activities.
The Kibinge Coop offices at Kyabiri Coffee Factory are the collection center for coffee where it is transported to the mills. The office clerk maintains records indicating details for each farmer for traceability while the producer retains a copy of the receipt. The management at the cooperative level handles the policy issues. The coordinator oversees the implementation of the Internal Control System (ICS); ensure training of the field officers and promoter farmers to facilitate the understanding of the Utz and Fair-trade standards.

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