Legal Status
Coffee Farmers Association
Masaka District Kisekka S/County
Coordinates 024'57"S 3124'29"E
Registered Groups 9

Kisekka chairman
Kalule Fulugensio

Tel.: 0772328192

Kisekka Business Manager
Business Manager
Kakooza Hassan

Tel.: 0752696991

The association is located in Masaka district, 24 Km from Masaka town on Masaka - Mbarara Highway, covering the whole of Kisekka Sub County. Registered in 2008 , the association has 9 business groups registered at the registrar of companies and in National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS); it is also registered at Uga-cof, a coffee exporting company.
The association started a coffee wet processing programme in 2007, after Uga-cof promoted the benefits of wet processing the coffee. In the initial stages the process was very demanding, but now most of the farmers are resorting to this method to process their coffee. The association has worked with NAADS and now every group has a hand pulper located in the central location of the parish. In order to maintain the quality of coffee there is a single pulping station per group, raised drying wire mesh, and a store. The farmers are a liberty to market their coffee to whoever is offering them a better price.
Through the association's participation in the NAADS programmes there has been a big and successful attention to coffee. Though the association does not own a huge state of the art coffee nursery, the training received by farmers empowered them to setup community-based coffee nurseries. So far there are eighteen coffee nurseries, two in each group. The seedlings are given free to members of the groups, since they all participate in raising of the seedlings. In order to raise income for the groups, some of the seedlings are sold to other sub-counties, through the NAADS programme, and also individuals who are non members come and buy in small quantities. This has helped the groups to raise funds to call for meetings and trainings when there is a need.

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