Legal Status
Coffee Farmers Association
Masaka District Kkingo S/County
Coordinates 0 22' 57" S 31 30' 29" E
Registered Groups 8

Kkingo chairman
Musoke Gerald

Tel.: 0702303003

Kkingo Business Manager
Business Manager
Haphiez Kasiita
Lubega Wavamuno

Tel.: 0754935254 - 0772683625

The association is located in Masaka district, 15 Km from Masaka town, on Masaka - Mbarara Highway covering the whole of Kkingo sub county. The location of the association puts it in a precarious situation as most soils are rocky and some others are highly sandy, making the area really unfavorable for agricultural production. Despite these challenges, the farmers have tamed the soils, through the use of organic manures and good agricultural practices.
Kkingo CFA is one the newest members to join NUCAFE, being registered in the middle of 2008/2009 coffee year. It all started with a crowded meeting with the sub-county agricultural officer, chief administrative officer, commercial officer and over 30 coffee farmers where they were told about the benefits of the farmer ownership model. At the end of the conference they were all moved, some even revealed the hardship they experienced because of the tricks of middle-men.
Kkingo CFA produces a lower quantity compared to its counterpart associations; however, in terms of quality they produce some of the best coffees in Masaka district. The growth of the association has been really slow, but steadily, the members are keen on who they are ready to take on, this selective nature of the association has also led to those who want to become members to improve on the way the handle their coffees, not only in the field but also the post-harvest handling practices.
The association, its farmers and farmer groups also subscribe to the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS), which gave support with trainings to improve on good agricultural practices, harvesting and post-harvest handling practices. They have also set up demonstration plots and technology development sites. The demonstration plots are mainly for demonstration purposes, to show farmers holistic coffee management practices, while technology development sites are used to demonstrate to farmers new technologies that are involved in coffee productions. A key technology was that of wet processing, however, due to the scarcity of water in this area a few have even endeavored to try to participate in adopting this technology.

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