Legal Status
Coffee Farmers Association
Masaka District Lwengo S/County
Coordinates 0 24' 58" S 31 24' 29" E
Registered Groups  

Lwengo chairman
Sserwadda Herman

Tel.: 0772896079

Lwengo Business Manager
Business Manager
Kakooza Hassan

Tel.: 0752696991

The association is located in Masaka district, 26 Km from Masaka town, covering the whole of Lwengo Sub County, at the margins of the "Cattle Corridor", an area of approximately 84,000 km2 dry land, stretching from the north-east, through central to south-east of the country. It was formed in 2007 and it has 15 business groups registered at the registrar of companies and in National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS).
Being in the cattle corridor region there is a large scale cattle and goat rearing going on and customarily women looked after the goats, milked the cattle and also farmed the food crops. Since the gender equity program started in 2008, it was realized that this role was detrimental to the general family income and livelihood. Women have therefore been encouraged women to be trained in coffee and the quality and quantity of coffees brought at the collecting center has improved and - very uncommonly - men and women are showing up together to the coffee collection center. Even more surprisingly, some women are delivering the coffee alone, as their husband are often away from home.
Soils in the cattle corridor region are sandy and quickly loose the moisture of the low rains received - farmers have the only option of growing seasonal crops. After the introduction of coffee in the 1980's (after the "Ugandan bush war") farmers were encouraged to use cow dung and vegetation to provide manures to help in improving the soil structure, texture and moisture retention. That was helpful and cow dung has no longer been seen as a waste product but a highly marketable product. Several cattle herders are into the coffee farming business, too.
The association has quickly moved to solve the very common problem of lack of credit, obtaining favourable rates for their associates with the banking system and is also working hand in hand with microfinance to solve the farmers' pressing need of cash.

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