Mountain View Farm Ltd

Legal Status
Bushenyi District Kagango S/County
Coordinates 0 32' 6.32" S 30 10' 12.18" E
Registered Groups  

Mountain View Farm Ltd chairman
Sonny Bigirwa

Tel.: 0712851858 - 0782851858

Mountain View Farm Ltd Business Manager
Business Manager
Muhereza Hillary
Tindyebwa Izidowa

Tel.: 0772979687 - 0772365168

Established by the late Jack Bigirwa, former NUCAFE' chairman, and currently run by his son Sonny, Mountain View Farm is one among the few producers of washed robusta coffee in Uganda. It will process the coffee both of its own plantation and of the neighbouring small farmers.

The farmers around Mount View Farm, contract the services of the wet mill to process and dry their coffee, there after the farmers pay the mill for the services rendered. The mill also acts as a bulking place for those farmers who have wet processed their coffee. Those farmers who are in need immediate cash for their coffee, the farm usually buys their coffee, both wet ready and sorted red cherries and also the dry wet processed beans. The farm does this so that the farmer is not cheated or mix his or her quality coffee with the other coffees from the neighbouring coffee mill, and also ensure that the farmer is not cheated by the middleman in terms of price. Those who can hold on their coffee usually bulk their coffee with the farm and then its sold in bulk and uniform quality with quantifiable volumes to an exporter who is usually select by NUCAFE's Production and Marketing Manager who is willing to pay a premium, above the prevailing wet processed robusta prices.

The farm also acts as a training point for the neighbouring associations like Kyangyenyi and Kigarama, where farmers come and get trained in good agricultural, harvesting and post harvesting handling practices. It also has a demonstration plot, a mother garden and coffee nursery where farmers in the vicinity come and buy coffee seedlings at reduced prices. The Manager says that this also helps to ensure that the wet mill will continue to have quality coffee for processing for the farmers in the future, with traceable quality.
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Mount View Farm Robusta Screen 15
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