Legal Status
Coffee Farmers Association
Bushenyi District Nyabubare S/County
Coordinates 0 16' 33" N, 32 26' 26" E
Registered Groups 10

Nyabubare chairman
Mugabe Sulait

Tel.: 0701837771

Nyabubare Business Manager
Business Manager
Muhereza Hillary

Tel.: 0772979687

It is one of the three associations located in Bushenyi district: Kagango, Kyangyenyi, Nyabubare. The district is home to the Banyonkore ethnic group, who are divided into the Bairu (peasant Banyankore), Banyaruru and Batagwenda (immigrants from the Buganda Kingdom) and the Bahororo. The region is famous for intensive cattle rearing, which is currently undergoing a transition from the local multipurpose breed (low milk yielding, good quality beef) to the high milk yielding average beef varieties, from the nomadic pastoralist and free range farming to paddock and zero grazing farming system.
Bushenyi district is blessed with rich soils and the farmers have helped their rejuvenation using organic manure in form of mulch, use of digested cow-dung and urine, after getting biogas from the system. The district receives a lot of rainfall compared to any other region of the country, but, because of its proximity to the Great Western Rift Valley, the high temperatures in the dry season are among the hottest in the country. Farmers have been therefore trained in water harvesting technologies to reduce soil erosions and landslides during the rain season while using organic manures and shade tree to extend the crop life throughout the dry spells.
The NUCAFE gender program made its difference in a district where coffee has long been categorized as being the man's crop and banana the woman's crop. The normal situation was that in periods of abundant production of coffee, some men would take on another wife and the existing wives, in order to avoid that risk, would destroy the coffee harvest. After the completion of the trial phase of the gender programme, men and women are working not only together in the gardens, but also during the marketing.
Coffee farmers have done a lot of lobbying and advocacy for their member groups and farmers, thanks to the trainings that they've got from NUCAFE and its collaborations. Now at least 50% of the groups in our district under NUCAFE have a hand pulper for wet processing coffee and community based nurseries support from UCDA and NAADS alike.
Nyabubare ACE is a cooperative that heard about the services offered by NUCAFE and decided to get registered with the organization. Initially a lot of misconceptions arose among the already troubled farmers already very tired by the poor services provided by the cooperative; one of the most interesting misconception was that NUCAFE was a competing organisation that came in touch with the only purpose to disorganise their cooperative. However, when NUCAFE met with the key staff of the organization they were found them fit and eligible to become members. Through the services provided by NUCAFE the cooperative came back to life, and like NUCAFE the cooperative is using the coffee as an entry point to address the challenges that most of its members are facing.

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