Legal Status
Coffee Farmers Association
Mukono District Nakisunga S/County
Coordinates 0 16' 33" N, 32 26' 26" E
Registered Groups 10

Zibul'atudde chairman
Mulumba Samuel

Tel.: 0777852908

Zibul'atudde Business Manager
Business Manager
Kasaija John

Tel.: 0773919916

Zibul'atudde CFA is located in Mukono district, 30 Km from Kampala Capital City to Mukono Town Centre and 12 Km from Mukono to Nkokonjeru Town Centre. Unlike other associations that cover just one sub-county, is located over three neighbouring sub-counties, though it does not cover their whole territory.
Despite the neighbourliness to the NUCAFE secretariat, it is one of the newest associations. It came up as a result of farmers wanting to come back to coffee production as this region, though blessed with fertile soils and plenty of reliable rainfall, was severely hit by Coffee Wilt Disease (CWD) and prices went down drastically. In the past many farmers moved to vanilla production, but they had to learn that the volatility of the vanilla prices is so drastic and devastating, compared to the labour intensity needed for the good management of the crop, that the production went down with the prices. A few farmers who had held onto coffee in three sub-counties came together to revive the production pioneering the formation of the association, and now it is proudly recognized that Mukono district is moving forward to revive its coffee production capabilities and potential.
In the late 1980's and early 1990's Mukono was one of the leading coffee producing district in the country. With the outbreak of the Coffee Wilt Diseases (CWD), the many hurling factories in the areas, and with farmers purchasing coffee husk to use as mulch and source of organic matter to replenish the soils of nutrients, the CWD disease did spread fast. Now, through ASPS-DANIDA and NUCAFE, the association got their own coffee nursery capable of producing 100,000 seedlings per year.
In addition to this kind of support, farmers receive help from other organizations, like Kyagalanyi coffee Limited, which through their cooperate responsibility program offer several services to farmers to get them back to their farm and grow coffee once again to regain the glory lived in glorious days. This is not something to be achieved so soon, since most coffee gardens have been replaced with other crops like Vanilla, Aloe-Vera, Ocra and hot-pepper, but it reasonably foreseen to happen in ten years time. Zibul'atudde CFA has made a partnership with Bulansuku estates for the improvement of quality and quantity of coffee in the area of operation. The farmers supply the estate that carries out a facilitator's role during marketing and provision of several services and the farmers pay for the services rendered. Equity programs under DANIDA G4G and NUCAFE are about to start.

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